Visas for New Zealand

5 popular types of visa for New Zealand

Listed below is a short overview of the different types of visas that New Zealand has to offer. New Zealand visas are based on what the purpose of your visit is, either leisure, family, business, or permanent migration. Certain visas are based on an offer of skilled employment in New Zealand, while others may rely on partnership criteria with a visa holder or New Zealand resident or citizen. Others yet are points-based or rely on investing in New Zealand.

The services provided by AGB Investment are aligned with these visa categories. Please talk to our registered migration consultant to find the right visa for you or view our detailed guides and the requirements to apply for each visa.

  1. Visitor visa
  2. Student visa
  3. Working holiday visa
  4. Work visa
  5. Resident visa

Follow this link to learn more about guidelines, requirements, eligibility and more… of each visa category.


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