Our Partners

Accounting Career Connect is dedicated to provide quality software and live-client training and workshops, helping aspiring BAS accountants to be job-ready for New Zealand’s Accounting industry.

Our vision is to empower our members to become leaders and shapers of finance and business in Australia and New Zealand, wherever they may work around the world. Why choose our members
Our members are known for their high ethical standards and technical expertise

All members must earn one of our three designations, which means they have already completed a significant amount of study and practical work experience by the time they are qualified.
Our members keep up to date with changes affecting the business and finance industry through ongoing professional development.
They’re also required to maintain high ethical and professional standards whether they work in business or practice.

One of Australia’s leading brands when it comes to all property services
Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia’s cultural and financial centre. Wise Earth Property Group follows the concept of giving our absolute best towards you (our client) in an ever-changing, highly competitive real estate market here in Melbourne and throughout the rest of Australia. Having established long-term cooperative, strategic and valuable relationships within the industry. Wise Earth Property Group has collaborated and liaised with some of the best known projects in and throughout Melbourne.

Here at Wise Earth Property Group we provide fully covered one-stop services in detailed fashion for both first time purchasers as well as seasoned investors, servicing local and oversea interests.